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Why do we have to qualify our food as "real food?"

Shouldn't it just be called food?  I received a comment from a fellow GreenUp! community member who is quite concerned, "It feels as if nothing is real anymore, not even our food."  You bring up a great point, we need to be extremely concerned about what we are putting in and on our bodies.  Food contains now contains Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) at higher rates than ever.  You thought pink slime was scary, well meet meat glue, which is not from an episode of Aqua Teen Hunger Force.

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Attention Defecit Grocery Shopping Disorder

One benefit to living in a high-traffic/denser urban area is the variety of businesses to choose from.  I am able to walk to many grocery stores including Ralphs (aka Kroger), Pavillions/Vons (aka Safeway), Alberstons, Whole Foods and my favorite the Co-Opportunity.  This gives me an opportunity to seek out the best organic deals around share tips from my various random grocery store visits.

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Getting Started As A Moderate Couponer

I can tell by looking at my homemade Excel spreadsheet budget each month that my grocery bill is not going down anytime soon.  I realize that eating organic will not lower my grocery bill, but I feel the benefits outweigh the cost.  The solution has been in front of me for years growing up in a couponing household.  While I wouldn't call my mom an "Extreme Couponer" by TLC standards, she always had a stack of coupons at the checkout, making the cash register ring while the grand total decended.

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